Saturday, 19 May 2012

Milkshake For Your Hair

Sometimes I come across a product that I expect to be pretty average, something that 'does the job' but isn't anything particularly amazing... Something that then surprises me in the best way and makes me want to share it with the world! (or my blog followers) Milkshake is one of these things :)

I've been using their Hair Emergency Kit for a couple of weeks and in all honesty, I'm so impressed, their products will be replacing Aussie in my normal hair routine. The kit includes a colour repair shampoo, a conditioning mask and their whipped cream leave in conditioner. Firstly I need to express how utterly amazing these products smell. I know I have a slight tendency to exaggerate, but seriously if someone invented a smell-a-blog (not sure that would be the greatest name for it?) but if that existed you'd be reading this and doing that wide-eyed, open-mouthed 'wow' look when you smell something that's so yummy you can't believe it isn't edible.. All 3 of these fab products smell EXACTLY like chocolate milkshake. And even better, once your hair has been blow dried, styled and generally messed with, it STILL smells delish!

The shampoo lathers up nicely and creates the first layer of chocolatey goodness, then the conditioning mask (which stays on for a few minutes) leaves my hair feeling super smooth and creamy.... Then, I've saved the best and most exciting product till last. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the whipped cream is probably one of the best things I've ever used in my hair. I very rarely (almost never) use leave in conditioner, it just never appeals to me but after using this once I fell in love with it. It looks just like whipped cream and smells amazing (please fight the overwhelming urge to eat it). You only need a small amount, it glides through your hair and immediately adds to the softness left from the mask.

After running some argan oil through my ends and spraying on some heat protectant (I use VO5 elixir and Schwartzkopf Got2be heat protection spray) I blow dry my hair straight and at this point it's usually looking reasonably smooth but still feels slightly dry... I've reverted back to blonde during the past few months so my hair is noticeably dryer and more damaged then when it was dark. But after using Milkshake my hair was so soft, I've never had such soft hair whilst blonde!

I'd recommend Milkshake immensely! They're such a lovely, friendly company and the Hair Emergency Kit is just the tip of the iceberg, they have so many products to try. I really want to try more of their masks and their volumising spray to use with my Sleeprollers :) Check out their website and follow them on twitter @milk_shakeessex

x Daniella Beauty Junkie x


  1. chocolate milkshake for your hair? sounds yummy!

  2. It's perfection! Just wish it could be eaten :) x