Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

I've seen a couple of these tag posts popping up and I'll be honest, no one has tagged me *sad face* but I'm going to do the Autumn Tag regardless! :) I love Autumn and everything about it, in fact (and please don't think I'm weird), I love it more than Summer. Don't get me wrong, by Winter I'm moaning about the cold weather and having to wear coats constantly but at the moment I'm excited for all things Autumn!
For Autumn, what is your...
Favourite thing about it
I think just the general feeling of Autumn! I love the crisp, cold weather, the golden brown leaves on the ground and the fact that I can dig out my scarves and chunky knit jumpers to get me through the cold weather. I also love staying in through the colder months, I'm not a huge 'going out, clubbing' kinda gal anyway but especially when it's chucking it down and bitterly cold, I love to be curled up with my little boy on the sofa, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate.
Favourite drink
So I know I just mentioned hot chocolate and I definitely do love that but I have to say that I get super excited when I go to Costa just as Summer's ending and they start to change up their menu for Autumn. I love their themed drinks for this time of year like their gingerbread lattes and their toffee nut mochas etc. So I'd have to say that Costa's yummy, calorific coffee is a firm favourite.
Favourite scent /candle
I do love candles, but I don't really have any. I do have some Yankee Candle tarts (basically small discs of scented wax that you burn as apposed to an actual candle) and I particularly like the Cinnamon Stick scent which is perfect for Autumn/Winter. I would love to try Yankee Candle's Salted Caramel this year, so I may treat myself to that.
Best lipstick
I recently mentioned a gorgeous plum lipstick by Bourjois in a previous post which you can read here, it's called Violine Strass and it's from their Rouge Edition range. It looks to be a dead on dupe for MAC's Rebel which I don't own but would like to :) I definitely love a berry or plum lip for Autumn as it's the perfect time of year to get away with such a statement shade. But I also love my lip balms too as my lips tend to get very dry once the colder weather hits.
Go-to moisturiser
I'd normally say something to help with dry skin due to the time of year, but to be honest my skin is still getting pretty oily throughout the day so I'd have to say Origin's Zero Oil moisturiser. I've only been using it for just over a week but I'm really chuffed with it! It's great for reducing oil and keeping skin matte but I know this won't be much use for a lot of people, who tend to have dryer skin in the colder months.
Go-to colour for the eyes
If I'm rocking the plum lipstick then I'd keep the eyes neutral, but I actually love Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate at the moment, it's a gorgeous deep, plum colour with flecks of gold and it looks lovely on the lid with a soft brown blended through the crease. I pair it with a nude lip and it's a great alternative for Autumn.
Favourite music or band/singer to listen to
I can't say my music choices change with the seasons, I'm quite a 'chart' girl at heart and I love anything catchy and upbeat. I really like 'Counting Stars' by OneRepublic at the moment, it's a lovely song with great lyrics, if you haven't heard it then I definitely recommend checking it out.
Favourite outfit
I love Autumn fashion. Chunky scarves, jumpers and anything warm! I especially love choosing some comfy Autumn boots and a coat to see me through the colder months. I like the khaki parka coats with a bit of fur or leather, making them much edgier and interesting. I also like to change up my handbag choices, going from pastels or brighter colours from the Summer and instead using darker bags, maybe with some studded detail.
Autumn treat (what do you have your eye on?)
Where do I begin! If I have to narrow it down, I'd say a big cosy parka I've got my eye on from ASOS and as I mentioned before I'd like to buy MAC's Rebel lipstick this year, plus the Salted Caramel candle from Yankee Candle :)
I hope you enjoyed reading my Autumn Tag! I certainly enjoyed writing it and it's put me in the mood to light a candle and have a huge cup of tea... By the way if you've done this tag then do leave your links below as I'd love to read them! Here are the lovely ladies I'm tagging.
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Also, make sure to check out their blogs as they are all lovely girls with fabulous blogs and I love reading all of them!


  1. Love this post, just stumbled across your blog!

    lydia - xo

  2. Aww I absolutely love going into Costa at this time of year too, I've had one today! ;) xx

  3. Fab post, I've never been "tagged" on posts but after reading yours I'm gonna give it a go any way :
    Kayla x