Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review: TanOrganic 100% Natural Self Tan

As you may or may not know, I'm reasonably pale and by reasonably I mean ill-looking... So fake tan is pretty much a necessity in my life. As a busy mum who no can no longer spend the whole morning applying lotions and potions, it's essential for me to use products that firstly give me instant results and secondly don't cost the earth. Something else that has become increasingly more important to me are natural products. As I'm getting older *sigh* I'm much more careful about what I'm putting on my skin and how much damage it could be causing in the long run (hence my obsession with anti-ageing products), so when TanOrganic very kindly sent me their fake tan in a very smart glass bottle to review, I was extremely excited because it seemed to tick all the boxes!

TanOrganic are an Irish company who pride themselves on using 100% natural ingredients in their products and they don't test on animals. They say -

"Carefully formulated with the inclusion of wonder herb Aloe Vera (certified Organic), TanOrganic fills a niche in the market for an anti-ageing, professional tanning system, which hydrates the skin as well as developing a natural looking sunkissed glow.
A 100% natural formulation, containing certified Organic DHA, Vitamin B-5, Hyuloronic Acid and developed with no synthetic colours and no parabens."

The tan claims to be odourless and transfer resistant so no stains on your favourite dress or your bed sheets (hurrah!) This also makes it a fab option for brides who want a gorgeous glow on their big day but without the tan marks on their wedding dress.
Another great point is that due to containing 100% natural ingredients it's totally safe to use whilst pregnant. I can relate to being wary of using certain products during pregnancy, but with TanOrganic you can still look bronzed and beautiful and not stress about putting dodgy chemicals on your skin.

Consistency/Colour - It's applied as a spray which I much prefer to a lotion as it's easier to apply and control. It has quite a watery consistency and is a dark, muddy colour like most fake tans.

Application - Due to being a spray it's easily applied and blended into the skin, leaving no streaks or uneven patches. I applied one layer in the evening after exfoliating and moisturising, then slept in it and showered the next morning as advised in the instructions. It's also worth mentioning that the tan dries instantly, so there's no annoying, sticky feeling for 10 minutes after. I'd say it was dry within a few seconds.
*I've included photos from a test I did on my hand before applying it all over my body.

A couple of seconds after application

Left hand - no tan applied, right hand - TanOrganic 3 hours after application 

Smell - I wouldn't say this tan is completely odourless. It doesn't have the usual biscuit smell that alot of fake tans have, but I could definately smell the aloe vera which I personally don't have a problem with.

Result - A subtle bronze colour was achieved after one layer which is perfect for day to day wear due to my fair complexion. I would probably apply two layers for the evening. My skin looked a shade darker instantly so it could be used just before leaving the house, but to achieve the best results I let it develop overnight which did make it slightly darker.

Staying power - I applied the tan 2 days ago and after showering, moisturising etc it's still the same colour. I think moisturising is definately important when trying to prolong your tan and TanOrganic also sell a tanning oil on their website which acts as a moisturiser to enhance and prolong the colour.

So it's safe to say that Ireland can add fake tan to their list of awesome exports :) I'm really pleased with the result of this tan and I'd definately give it a go if like me, you're always on the lookout for the perfect fake tan. The fact that it's 100% natural means it's guilt-free and in my opinion a huge selling point.

Get your hands on TanOrganic here 100ml for £19.95.


  1. Very nice product! Your tan looks natural (which we love! yay!) and it's organic! Can we ask for more? nahh.

  2. This does look really good! xx