Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Makeup Wishlist - August

It's been a while since I posted a wishlist and lets face it, there's ALOT of makeup & skincare I need/crave at the moment. 

I've picked my top 5 to share with you and I really hope I can get my hands on all of them! 

1. Crown Brush concealer palette - I actually have a very similar palette but I still want this one :) it'll be great for contouring. 

2. Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser - what a mouthful! My skin has been extremely oily of late so this will be great at getting rid of excess sebum and just generally giving my skin a good deep clean. I'm a huge fan of Kiehls for their gentle yet effective products. 

3. Nars limited edition blush palette in Soulshine - It's just so pretty. Need I say more? At £35 it's crazy expensive but I don't care, I'm saving up for this baby. 

4. Mac lipstick in Ruby Woo - A hugely popular lippy from MAC, it's famous for being worn by countless celebrities & as I've been obsessed with red lips lately I really want to try this one. 

5. Japonesque Safari brush set - such a glamourous & unique design, this set has been out for quite a while but I still haven't managed to grab it. I'm on the waiting list at Cult Beauty so as soon as it comes back in stock I'm hoping it'll finally be mine.

What's on your wishlist for August? 

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