Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lauren's Way Self Tanning Bronzing Mousse - Darker Than Dark

I was so excited to get this post published ASAP and share another great product with you guys!
I've been following Lauren's Way on twitter for a fair few months now and I've read the endless reviews that claim this brand to be wonderful in regards to it's self tan products but up until now I hadn't bitten the bullet and bought it. I'm neither a lover nor a hater of Lauren Goodger, she has her good and bad points but for the most part I'm indifferent. I didn't purchase her product because of her, I bought it based on the great reviews and the fact that they had a 25% off offer over the recent bank holiday :) What you can expect though is a totally honest, unbiased review as I always give.
I knew I wanted to try one of the mousse products even though Lauren's Way do stock the lotion and spray versions, but from experience I just get on better with a mousse. I find it quicker & easier to apply and it seems to create a more even finish. What I couldn't decide on was which shade to get. I'm reasonably pale but I knew I wanted something that made a noticeable difference so I didn't fancy the 'medium', as I thought it may be a bit too light. I probably would've gone for the 'dark' option but that wasn't available in the mousse version so I ended up going with the Darker Than Dark which is a relatively new product to Lauren's Way. I'll admit now, I was slightly scared! I didn't want to go too OTT with the colour because going from lily white to David Dickinson within the space of a few hours just wasn't going to look natural! But I stayed positive and waited for the tan to arrive. It did about 3 days after I'd placed my order and these were my initial thoughts.
  • Smart, sleek packaging with the information clearly shown.
  • A nice amount of product (150ml)
  • A large pump applicator which I loved.
Lauren's Way had packaged the tan perfectly in a small cardboard box cushioned with foam pieces to avoid any breakages. Good thinking guys! Reminded me of Feel Unique's packaging which I'm a big fan of.
Onto the good stuff! I of course exfoliated in the shower, then moisturised any dry areas before using a clean tanning mitt (I know it doesn't look very clean in the photo, but I promise it was!) to apply the tan. I used a couple of pumps and applied it from the top of my body to my feet. I didn't apply it to my face as I just never do with body tanning products, I will normally just use a darker foundation or I'll use a tan specifically meant for the face. All in all I was over the moon with the application process.
  • The mousse is quite a dark brown with a green undertone.
  • One pump goes a long way if applied properly.
  • Glides onto the skin.
  • Dries within a few seconds.
  • No obvious scent.
I love the fact that this tan doesn't have a scent. That's such a hard thing to find when it comes to tanning products and it's a huge bonus point for me. I also love that it dries so quickly and I mean dries properly! No sticky or wet feeling at all. The instructions do state not to get too sweaty for the first 4 hours after application which is common sense when it comes to tanning.
I left it on for about 6 hours and had a quick rinse in the shower. I was pleased to see a streak free, even tan which wasn't orange at all. And I had nothing to worry about in regards to colour! It's definitely taken me a few shades darker but I don't think it's too much, at least I hope it isn't! I may even apply another layer tonight.
So to sum up, I'm extremely pleased with this! It really is a great product and I can see why Lauren has had such a huge success. I'd love to try more from her range in the future. Would I spend the normal RRP on it? I think I would, but I'm definitely pleased that I took full advantage of the 25% off.
And lastly, let me apologise for showing you a photo of my seriously pale leg! :)
Lauren's Way Self Tanning Bronzing Mousse in Darker Than Dark - Link - £19.95


  1. I have also heard so many great things about this tan, and reading your review I think I'm definitely going to buy it! Especially come winter when I look like a milk bottle. Great review!

    Lauren x

    1. Haha! I know I was the same, it really is a great product :) x

  2. Wow a tanning produce that doesn't smell of biscuits! This has got to be worth a try! Looks great too. Wonder what shade I'd be, as I'm quite olive naturally..... What do you reckon?


    1. Darker than Dark is the darkest one they do, but you could definitely layer it!

      Give @laurens_way a tweet and they should be able to advise you :) definitely give it a go! Xx

  3. I was a bit skeptical when Lauren Goodger was behind a fake tan product as she quite orange but this one looks really good judging by your review I may have to try it. Great blog :) xx

    1. I know what you mean, I wasn't necessarily a fan of hers, but like I said Im indifferent, totally based me purchase on the great reviews and the product really does speak for itself :) x

  4. Hi thanks for leaving me your link on #bbloggers :)

    Nice post, Maybe look like a wicked moose... might have to this!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog hun :) x

  5. This is definitely on my wish list! I love a dark tan!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic