Monday, 27 January 2014

Japonesque 'Safari Chic' Brush Set

Can we take a moment to admire these beautiful brushes.....

So gorgeous! I love travel sets like this one because they're so handy... If you're going away for the weekend, or if you just want a useful little brush set to keep in your handbag whilst you're on the go, these would be perfect. 

I only own one other Japonesque brush (an eyeshadow brush) but it's such a huge name in the makeup brush world and I'm very happy to be adding to my collection! Of course, the unique animal print design was what I initially fell for, I don't own any brushes that are similar and I thought this travel set would be a great collector's item. This trio of cute brushes are cruelty free and synthetic. They're super soft too!

With a powder brush (perfect for touch ups during the day) and two eye brushes (one for the crease and another for blending), this is such a handy set to have and a great way to try out some Japonesque brushes without spending too much money. 

I got these from Cult Beauty for £14.00 but they seem to have sold out (again!).

What do you think of travel brushes? And have you tried Japonesque?


  1. Wow, these are soooo cute, I wouldn't have cared if they were rubbish quality I'd still by them just for the pattern :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Haha! Same :) but luckily the quality is great xx

  2. Replies
    1. They're definitely luxurious and high quality :) x

  3. These are SO gorgeous omg! I just want to pat it and give it a name :D

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.