Monday, 17 February 2014

My 'Wantable' Accessories Box

I've pretty much tried every monthly beauty subscription box in the UK. Some were good, some were awful and a couple of them I loved, but the main theme running through each of them was a box of samples sent to you every month. If you like samples, great! But it can get a bit tedious after a few months and to be honest I decided to spend that monthly amount on something I really wanted rather than a hit or miss box. But if there was a subscription service that offered full sized makeup products, nail polish or accessories I would be all over it. 

Cue Wantable! A US company offering three different subscription box options. Yes, three! A makeup box, an intimates (underwear, socks etc) box and an accessories box. The lovely people at Wantable were kind enough to send me one of each box just in time for their UK launch! I'm so pleased they're shipping to the UK because what they're offering is so unique and unlike anything we currently have over here. Yes, we have countless beauty boxes full of samples but trust me, Wantable are so much more than that.... 

I was asked to go to the website and fill in my personal profile, this is a list of questions which ultimately decipher what style of jewellery, beauty products etc. you prefer. Each question gave me the option to 'love', 'like' or 'dislike' something and once you've completed your profile you can rest assured that you'll never receive anything you've disliked. So if you don't like earrings, you'll never receive them. If you don't like bright lipsticks, you'll never receive them. You get the idea! This is something UK beauty boxes do not offer. Sure they might ask us to fill in a personal profile, but there's no guarantee we won't receive products we don't like.

Today I'm focussing on my favourite box of the three, the accessories box. Before mine arrived, I did a bit of googling and became seriously excited because the blog posts I read were amazing! Statement necklaces and scarves (both of which I'm entirely obsessed with), statement earrings and cool midi rings. These boxes seemed to be full of top quality, luxurious items that were bang on trend. Then my box arrived :)

I'm in love with it all. The leopard print scarf has gorgeous little silver studs and I've already worn it twice, a welcome addition to my collection. 

The earrings are beautiful and definitely something I'd pick out for myself, The grey multi faceted gems are so pretty and I wore them out on Valentines day :) 

My favourite item has to be the statement necklace. With coral, navy, turqouise and grey gems it's completely unique to anything I own. I'm a bit of a statement necklace fanatic so I was thrilled when I saw this in the box and I've had so many compliments when I've worn it. 

The three accessories combined are worth over $70 (£40) and considering the box costs $36 (£21.54) a month it's great value for money. I much prefer this concept to buying a beauty box full of little samples that I either won't use or can only use once due to the amount of product. These accessories are items I'll use over and over again and it just makes so much more sense. And another great service Wantable offer, is giving you a full refund if you're unhappy with your box! All you have to do is send your box back and you'll get your refund, no questions asked. Because your box is being sent from the US there are inevitably handling and tax fees (£8.49) which is a bit of a pain, but understandable.

If you fancy having a read about Wantable and signing up, head over to their website by clicking here for a browse, it's such a stylish site and super easy to navigate. 


  1. The scarf is lovely, definitely would wear that x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. The necklace is beautiful :)