Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chanel Lip Palette

I love a good ebay bargain it has to be said! I buy and sell quite a bit on ebay (it's pretty addictive once you get into the swing of it...) I rarely buy make up though as it's difficult to know whether it's legitimate or not. I had a bad experience with a 'MAC' mascara which I bought on ebay a few months ago, it made my eyes itch and was just obviously a fake, so you definately have to be vigilant.

This said, if you have a good search on there and only buy from sellers with lots of positive feedback (preferably in the UK) then now again you can find some real gems! As I recently have : )

I came across this Chanel lip compact and instantly loved it. It was brand new in it's original box, I think the seller was having a makeup clearout so it was a legitimate product. The first thing I liked was how the lipstick shades were shaped into the Chanel logo, it just looks so pretty! Yes I'm a salesman's dream...

I won it for £10 so it was just a total bargain for such a high end product! Especially as it has 6 different shades from nude, to pink, to red. Something for every occassion ; ) I think this palette is from a 2010 collection so it isn't exactly up to date but it's a great compact to add to my lipstick collection.

My favourite colour is the dark rose pink on the left in the picture above. It really suits my skin tone and is a great day time shade. All the colours are matt, although they look slightly shimmery in the photos but as usual that's just my crappy camera : (

I haven't had a chance to try any of the red shades yet but the next time I'm going out for dinner or drinks and I reach for a bright red lippy, it'll be one of these! What can make you feel more classy than gorgeous red Chanel lips?

Do you have any favourite Chanel products? Or have you recently found any high end beauty bargains on ebay?


  1. Just discovered your blog and love it :)
    The only make up I've bought from eBay before was Mac lipstick which turned out to be.... FAKE! Now i've personally been put off trying again but good luck to you if you can find things and are sure they're authentic. Bargain that you got this palette!

    I've just started a 200 follower giveaway if you're interested in taking a look :) ♥

    1. Thank you! I'll def take part in your giveaway hun :)

      I know what you mean, I've definitely had some dodgy experiences! But now again you can find a real bargain! Xx