Saturday, 25 May 2013

Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion

I've tried various different self tans in recent years and I definitely prefer gradual tanning products because you can control how dark you want to look and also it (hopefully) won't wash off straight away like most instant tans do. Until recently I've been favouring St Tropez's gradual tan or their original tanning lotion (which I leave on overnight) and both are great, the only thing I don't like is the price. £20-£30 a bottle is pretty expensive so I'm always on the look out for something just as good with a smaller price tag.
I picked up Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion in Boots a couple of weeks ago. It's a gradual tanning lotion which has that signature cocoa butter smell that I'm OBSESSED with! I have the original lotion and the hand lotion, I just can't get enough of that chocolate scent :)

It was £5.35 for 250ml - hello bargain of the month! That's such a great price for that amount of product so I'll be honest and say I wasn't expecting great things. At the most I thought I'd be getting a body lotion with a slight glow. Oh how wrong I was! 
I applied it one evening after my shower, as I would a body lotion and it looks, smells and feels exactly like the normal Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion, super soft and moisturising. It sinks into your skin so you aren't left with that horrible sticky feeling. 
The next morning I couldn't believe what I saw. My face was it's usual shade of white (I don't apply tanning products to my face unless they're specifically for the face... if that makes sense) but from the neck down I was tanned! Overnight the lotion had turned into an even, non streaky, perfect tan. Exactly the same shade I achieve when using St Tropez! I at least expected to have to apply it for a few days before seeing any visible results. 

That night I applied the lotion again and the next morning I was almost a shade darker which for me, was as dark as I wanted to be. The colour lasted about 3 days after the 2nd application and it wears off naturally leaving no patchy areas. 

If you don't own this gradual tanner, buy it! Seriously get on the Boots website and order it! I'll be stocking up on this and for the moment, I can't see why I'd need to spend £30 on St Tropez, it just wouldn't make sense. 

3 reasons to buy Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion

- No weird biscuit smell! Just that gorgeous cocoa butter scent.
- An overnight tan that isn't orange, muddy or green. Just the perfect bronze. 
- The price! Just over a fiver for 250ml. It's a no brainer.


  1. I debated buying this but wasn't sure, would love to see the tan it gives xx

    1. I should've posted pics! It really does create a natural tan, for the price I'd definitely recommend giving it a go x

  2. Amazing!!! The one thin that always put me off from self tanner was '' the smell'' as this one doesn't have any other than cocoa butter will be definitely getting one, even tomorrow!!!
    Thank you for great review!!
    Great blog, following you now :) Lots of love x x

    ♥ ♥ '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :) it just smells like the original cocoa butter lotion, I know what you mean I hate the usual biscuit smell of fake tan! X

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