Monday, 4 November 2013

My Z Palette

A quick post today to share an exciting new product I recently bought :)
You've probably heard of the Z Palette range, they're basically eyeshadow palettes that you can customise to your own needs. A bit like MAC Pro palettes but in my opinion, much nicer!

I had a couple of MAC eyeshadows in pan form and I recently purchased some Makeup Geek shadows too (an in depth post coming on those!) so I needed a palette to store them in. I love the idea of having all my favourite eyeshadows together rather than having individual compacts, space saving and just much more convenient. I'd seen lots of Z Palette reviews so I bit the bullet and ordered a small one which fits 9 MAC or Makeup Geek eyeshadows. They have a great choice of colours including hot pink and zebra print, but I decided to keep things sleek and simple and chose black.
I love the leather case! The front flips up and closes with a magnetic fastening. It's so simple to use, you just pop your eyeshadow pans into the case and as long as they're in a metal pan they will attach to the magnet inside the case. Mine also came with some magnetic stickers for eyeshadows that may be in plastic pans etc. Such a brilliant invention and great for travelling because you can pop your favourite shades into the palette and off you go :)

I bought mine from Love Makeup for £8.99 and they also have larger versions.
I've just ordered 3 more Makeup Geek eyeshadows so as soon as they arrive I'll do a full review of all 9 shadows in the palette.
Let me know if you like the idea of the Z palette!


  1. I really want a z palette, so much cheaper compared to the MAC ones, may have to treat myself :) x

  2. oh yeh and where did you purchase the makeup geek shadows??x

    1. I got them from the Makeup Geek website, going to do a full review next week when my new ones arrive...they're amazing! X

    2. thankyou, they look so nice! looking forward to the review x