Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Halloween Series - Poison Ivy

Hi lovelies! Today I've got another Halloween look for you :) This is definitely my favourite kind of makeup! At Halloween you can be so creative and use lots of different colours and products that you wouldn't normally use. One of my all time favourite looks is Poison Ivy. I love Uma Thurman's portrayal of the villainous Ivy in the Batman movie and with the long, bright red hair clashed with the green, it's just a perfect fancy dress idea for this time of year!

I wanted to create a softer, comic book inspired look, almost cartoon like, which is why I drew the leaves on and added the bright red veins. I also (like with most things) wanted to add a girly touch with the gold glitter :) You could of course, stick on some fake leaves instead of drawing them which I think would look amazing, I also wish I'd had a red wig to really pull the look together, but hey it's all about the makeup!

- Firstly, apply your base as normal.
- Using a contour brush and a green eyeshadow, contour your cheeks making sure to really blend the colour out & add a darker green to deepen it.
- Using the same green eyeshadow, contour the sides of your nose starting at your brows. Really exaggerate it!
- Apply a white creamy eyeshadow base to your eyelids, such as NYX jumbo pencil in 'milk'.
- Using a flat eyeshadow brush, pack on a light or lime green all over your lids, then use a soft brown to blend through the crease with a blending brush.
- Apply a dark green to your outer corners in a V shade, then blend any harsh edges with your blending brush.
- To deepen up that outer V, apply a small amount of matte black eyeshadow on a pencil brush, then blend again.
- Apply black gel liner quite thickly and flick out at the end until it's level with the end of your eyebrow. Then add lots of mascara and false lashes if you want to.

- Apply some of the light green eyeshadow to your inner corner as well as under your eye, then add some of the darker green to the outer part to darken it up. Then add gel liner to your water line.
- Using a small angled brush (slightly wet) and a red eyeshadow, draw on veins running from under your eyes onto your cheekbones.
- Fill in your eyebrows using a small angled brush and a red eyeshadow.
- Take your creamy white eyeliner pencil again and draw on the shape of the leaves, then colour in. On top of that white base, using any eyeshadow brush, apply a green eyeshadow (quite light).
- Take a small pointed eyeliner brush with some eyelash glue and create little lines running through the leaves, then add some gold glitter on top of the glue.
- Apply a red lip liner, then red lipstick (I used Ruby Woo by MAC), then use your finger to dab on some gold glitter onto the centre of your lips.
And there's the Poison Ivy look complete!
Hope you liked it and be sure to check out another Halloween look within the next few days :)