Friday, 7 March 2014

MAC Blush in Desert Rose

On a trip to MAC back in December, I decided to splash out on a new blush. I don't own any other MAC blushes and in all honesty I'd gone in there with Melba a firm favourite in my head, but after swatching a few, I had a new favourite - Desert Rose

Having a beauty blog and reading other beauty blogs usually means I get swept into lusting after certain products (hence why I thought I wanted Melba) and I hadn't seen any posts about Desert Rose so it was completely unknown to me. But oh how underrated this little blush is! 

Desert Rose is a deep, rosy pink and it's completely matte. I have a fair few shimmery blushes so a matte blush is a lovely addition to my collection. This is the sort of colour I usually gravitate towards, it's natural, understated and compliments my skin tone. This is the kind of shade that will work on lots of different skin tones and it's a great everyday matte product. If I'm wearing quite shimmery eyeshadow, I like to balance things out by wearing this. 

The pigmentation is excellent as you can see in the photo above and I'm extremely glad I bought it. (Sorry if the packaging looks messy in the photos, it's been well loved the past couple of months!). 

Needless to say, this will not be my last MAC blush purchase, so if you have any recommendations then please leave them below :) 

MAC 'Desert Rose' Blush - £18.00 - Link

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  1. This looks so pretty, not sure if it would be too dark for my skin tone, but it is lovely x