Sunday, 22 April 2012

My 1st Haul! New Look, Lush & The Body Shop

After selling a ton of stuff on eBay recently (goodbye tiny dresses & shoes I've never worn!) I decided to treat myself and my little boy to a little shopping spree :)
I've seen lots of beauty/fashion hauls on various blogs and I love reading them and uncovering little gems... So thought I'd share today's finds with you.

First stop, New Look.

Navy dip hem top - £12.99
Skull print sheer vest - £9.99
Peach/pink scarf - £7.99

I wasn't too sure about the skull vest as it runs the risk of looking a bit tacky but I tried it on with dark denim skinnys, a black blazer and red platforms and it looks fab! Loved this dip hem button up top and I'll definitely be snapping it up in white and orange too... And as for the scarf (I'm obsessed with scarves! I find that even with quite a plain outfit you can throw on a gorgeous bright, funky scarf and it pulls everything together..) I love the summery colour of this one and the clash of giraffe and leopard print.

Onto Lush and The Body Shop.

Time for a confession.. Yesterday I lost my Lush virginity! And damn was it good :) ha! I've seen soooo many blog posts, YouTube videos and general 'raving' about the brand and in all honesty, eventhough I've walked past my local Lush shop a million times, it's never interested me. Wow was I missing out! Was kind of overwhelming as there's just so much to look at and as I had my son with me (who doesn't enjoy sitting in his pram for more than 5 seconds), I only had a quick browse and picked up one item. But I'll be going back there very soon!

Lip Scrub - £4.95
I knew what I wanted before going in the shop, I needed a lip scrub and this one is gorgeous. I chose chocolate over the mint and bubblegum flavours as it smells delish. Plus, as with everything in Lush, it's 100% natural and is literally just caster sugar, jojoba oil, a bit of chocolate and vanilla and that's about it. So after rubbing it on your lips you can lick it off - love that!

This is what I'm really going to rave about! I very rarely buy Body Shop cosmetics... By rarely I mean never. Not because I dislike them, just because I always tend to buy my favourite brands and just haven't considered it, but after today I'll definitely be going back. The value for money was awesome! For a concealer, bronzer, blusher and lip balm the total price was £39.50 (pretty steep I hear you cry) BUT after signing up for a membership card (totally free, just like a loyalty card) I received 10% off, then the shop assistant asked me when my birthday was (for the membership card) and when I told her in less than 2 weeks she gave me another £5 off! Plus all make up products were 3 for 2... So I only ended up paying £23.40! And by being a member I'll be notified first of any special offers and also be invited to evening events to try new products etc... Fabuloso! :) Body Shop cosmetics are excellent quality (a tad pricey but hey, you get what you pay for), so the best buys of the day in my opinion.

Swatch of the concealer in number 01 £9
Tried to do swatches for the blusher and bronzer but my iPhone camera is rubbish. Blusher in number 10, a dark pink shade £8.50 and bronzer in Honey number 02, a matt shade for fair skin £13.00. (I also bought a shea butter lip balm for £4, I have the body butter in this (flavour?) and it smells divine).

Finally I went to WHSmiths and picked up the first 2 Hunger Games books. Its quite shocking that I haven't read these yet as I'm a total bookworm (and library to my friends) and with the hype surrounding this trilogy I just need to get in on the action! They were 'buy one get the second half price'.

And if anyone's interested in what goodies my son came home with, he had an 'Octobubble' bath toy which pretty much does everything but the dishes! It sings, it plays music, it blows bubbles - 3 of Milan's favourite things :) and he got a set of squishy balls to kick around, at 14 months he's easily pleased!

Hope you liked this haul! Let me know your views on any of the products mentioned and if you like this post I'll do some more hauls in the future.

x Daniella Beauty Junkie x

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