Friday, 13 April 2012

Nail Caviar & The Perfect Mascara

My very first blog post... Eeeek! There's something seriously scary about broadcasting your opinions for everyone to see! But good scary :) I think...
Anyway let's get started. So as this is my first post I have about a million and one things to say but I'll pace myself. In the past couple of months I've had some really good beauty/fashion/random finds so I'll pick some of the best to share with you guys today and I'll save some for later too. Can I just add that I'm starting this blog on Friday 13th!?!? If anyone needed more proof that I don't do things by halves then there it is! (I'm very supersticious, but I'm going to change Friday 13th to a day of good luck not bad) ha!
Now as it's a Friday I really want to do 'Friday Faves', it's something I've just started doing on twitter and it's basically just picking 3 or 4 weekly favourites of mine, be it a make up product, pair of shoes, exciting new brand etc etc..... so that seems like a good place to start :) (I'll apologise now for all the smiley faces you'll be seeing, it's an annoying habit and I can't stop myself...)

So, Friday Fave numero uno (had to throw a bit of Espanol in there!) -
Ciate Caviar Manicure

Soooo excited to try this! It was launched at the end of March but at the moment is only available in the USA at Sephora. If you love your funky, kitsch nail art as much as I do then you're going to love this one!

It's available in black, white or rainbow and I have to admit I think this idea will be HUGE for summer! We've had Minx, we've had Swarovski toes and this is really an 'in-between'. In the set you get a gorgeous Ciate paint pot (which of course could be used on its own) and after applying 2 coats of that, you sprinkle the little pearls from the second pot all over your nails, pressing them down to ensure they're in place. And there you have it! Glam, 3D nails :) You even get a little funnel to help pour any remaining pearls back into the bottle - how genius is that?!
You can pick these up at as of next month for £18 a set which I think is really reasonable for such a great brand. Do make sure you get your name on the waiting list now to avoid disappointment!
I love Ciate's paint pots with the gorgeous variety of colours and signature bows and this is just another reason to add to the collection! And let's be honest, who doesn't want caviar on their fingers?

Friday Fave number 2 -
H&M's Red Carpet Collection

I love H&M for their purse-friendly, on trend designs and of course their collaborations (Versace, David Beckham - clearly I love this one just for those beautiful photos of him in his boxers...) but yesterday they launched their Red Carpet Collection. A selection of floor length Oscar-worthy gowns and luxurious cocktail dresses - they really are A-list ensembles with a 'normal folk' price tag. 
These are some of my favourites, my ultimate fave being the lime green backless mini and of course the blue short suit worn by Amanda Seyfried.

Prices range from £19.99 for the royal blue shorts to £199 for the floor length pieces. Available in stores now.

And finally, Friday Fave number 3 -
Clinique High Impact Mascara

During the past week or so I've been using this mascara and I literally feel like screaming "BUY THIS MASCARA!!" from the rooftops! Yes, it lengthens, yes it thickens, no it doesn't clump, yes it's a miracle! You're probably thinking I'm getting a bit carried away but if you saw how short and stumpy my eyelashes are you'd understand the lifelong mission I'm on to find the ultimate mascara. Most of you wear your trusty black mascara to add an extra 'wow' to your average eyelashes, but not me. I have to wear at least two coats just so people think I actually have eyelashes.... This said I've tried everything from budget brands like Rimmel and Maybeline to the more pricey mascaras from Dior and MAC (I have to add that Maybeline Colossal, MAC Zoomlash and Diorshow are some of the best I've tried) but last month I picked up a copy of Glamour magazine which came with a free sample size of Clinique's High Impact mascara so I thought I'd give it a go. It's quite a plain looking product which admittedly wouldn't normally attract my attention as I'm a bit of a packaging snob but I have to say this is one of the best if not THE best mascara I'v ever used. No joke!
It has quite a short, thick brush (I know it doesn't look like that in the picture but it does..) and it just ticks all the boxes. It lengthens my lashes, thickens and seperates them and it's the perfect product to use if you're in a hurry. I only have to apply one coat (almost unheard of with my lashes being almost non-existent) and that's plenty for day time wear. Another coat or two and I would be good to go in the evening without the need for false lashes, although I'd probably wear them anyway on a night out or I'd feel naked. 
So give it a go, especially if you suffer with 'stupidly short eyelash syndrome' as I do and let me know what you think! If you're one of the lucky ones blessed with lushcious lashes already then I can only imagine the result would be even more fabulous :)  You can purchase it for around £16.00 from your local Clinique counter or online here I'll definately be buying the full size once my sample runs out and I may even stop my search for the perfect mascara!
Now for something equally as fabulous as my Friday Faves :) Claireabella! You're either reading that and thinking what the hell is a Claireabella? Or you've just shouted 'reem!' out loud (promise I'll never use that word in this blog again...) but if you're the latter then you know that a Claireabella is THE must have jute bag of the moment. I recently had one for Mothers Day (aww) and I'm totally in love.
You can order a large jute bag like mine (below) for £39.99 at just choose your outfit, hair length/colour, eye colour and have your own personalised celebrity IT bag :) Claire does make a limited amount of original bags which she stocks on her own website but bear in mind these sell out within seconds.

Sorry for rambling! But surely that's allowed in my first post? :) Please feel free to comment and I'd love to hear if you own any of the products mentioned and what your thoughts are... Do follow me on twitter too @DaniellaCha

x Daniella Beauty Junkie x

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