Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review: Rocking The Sleeprollers

If you're a Twitter addict like myself you'll no doubt have noticed the new obsession for all 'big hair' fanatics - Velcro Sleeprollers. The gorgeous scouse girls rock theirs whilst strutting down the high street in their Louboutins and slowly but surely this trend from Liverpool is taking over the UK :)
If you're a fan of the average velcro roller then you'll know that sleeping in them is a total mission. They're too uncomfortable to lie on and therefore your much needed 8 hour's beauty sleep is interrupted. Cue Sleeprollers....

'Desperate Scousewives love Sleeprollers'

These nifty rollers are filled with foam making them much more comfortable to sleep in and the idea is, you wake up in the morning with big bouncy curls and you're ready to go without the fuss of blow drying and curling...
So a few weeks ago I jumped on the 'big hair' band wagon and bought some for £16.50. Needless to say when they arrived I was beyond excited! As mentioned previously I'm a bit of a packaging snob and I like to ooh and ahh over the pretty prints and bright colours that my goodies arrive in, Sleeprollers were no disappointment! 

In the pretty pink bag I had 2 packs of 10 sleeprollers which I think is fab for the price. I have quite short hair so I knew I wouldn't need all of them but at least I have plenty for when my hair finally grows out :)

Normally this would be a product aimed at those with lovely long locks, as they're the ones that will get the best results but I love the 'just blow dried with plenty of volume' look so I was going more for this than a full on curl (due to the size of the rollers, my hair is just too short to acheive any kind of big, bouncy curl)... This said, I only used 10 rollers on the top of my head as curling the underneath seemed pointless.

As for how comfortable they were, in all honesty the first time I used them I needed to adjust my head on the pillow a fair bit to find a comfortabable position, but this is probably due to the fact that I wouldn't normally sleep in any kind of rollers so it's something out of the ordinary for me (I've only slept in ordinary rollers once and hated it)... Last night was the third time I've used them and I'm much more used to them now, I get a full night's sleep and the foam really does sink into your pillow almost acting as another pillow for your head :)

I took this photo this morning as soon as I had taken them out (about ten minutes after I'd woken up). So bare in mind this is without any styling, curling, products...I haven't done a thing to it.

Comparing this to the first photo, my hair is volumised and bouncy and I love the front flick! I normally have to use straighteners to acheive this flick and considering I had literally just got out of bed the result is great.

So overall I'd recommend Sleeprollers to those of you with short hair... you're not going to acheive the signature Kim Kardashian bouncy curl but it's pretty impossible to do that anyway with hair this length... You could always clip in your extensions to add your required length but for a day time, volumised, just blowdried look these beauties are perfect :) Especially when you have a toddler to sort out in the mornings as I do, these will save you a serious amount of time!

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x Daniella Beauty Junkie x

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