Thursday, 4 October 2012

BDellium Make Up Brushes

A little while ago I discovered a makeup brush brand that I fell in love with : ) Yes, I know.. I fall in love ALOT when it comes to beauty products but these really were a great find!

BDellium tools make synthetic vegan brushes that are 100% cruelty free and they pride themselves on that.

I originally came across BDellium on twitter and after reading up on them I decided to buy one of their brushes to see what I thought. They have so many to choose from! But at the time I wanted to try a new foundation brush, so I purchased the 953 duo fiber brush from their Maestro Series. I've been racking my brain to try and remember where I bought it from, but I honestly can't remember! I just did a google search at the time and found a UK stockist. It cost around £11.

953 Duo Fiber brush

I've used this a lot since I bought it and I absolutely love it. It gives a lovely finish when applying liquid foundation but I've recently been using it to apply my Chanel Soleil tan (cream bronzer) and I've also used it with cream blush and it's just perfect! It blends so easily and creates a really professional finish : )

I decided to purchase more brushes as I was so pleased with the 953 and I wanted to try something from their Green Bamboo Series... For the simple reason they looked so cute! I haven't got any green brushes so why not try something a bit different?
I decided on the 955 Finishing brush (for foundation) and the 957 Precision Cheek Kabuki brush from CutECOsmetics. They arrived super quickly (yay to CutECOsmetics!) and I can't describe how soft these brushes are, they're such great quality and the fact that they're cruelty free makes them an even better buy.
I'd totally recommend having a browse on the CutECOsmetics website, they only sell eco-friendly, cruelty free products and they have sooooo many goodies to choose from : )

BDellium Green Bamboo 955 Finishing
Brush £10.95 CutECOsmetics

                         BDellium Green Bamboo 957 Precision Cheek
                              Kabuki brush £12.95 CutECOsmetics

Green Bamboo Brush Descriptions

"The Finishing Brush creates the perfect light finish whilst being suitable for blending both face powders or water-based foundations."

I've been using this to apply my foundation and it does an excellent job. It creates a light, airbrushed effect and I'll definately be alternating this with my favourite foundation tool - the beauty blender : )

"The Precision Cheek brush has an extra soft and dense flat bristled head for a professional blushing effect. Ideal for application with liquid, cream or various powder products."

I've only used this one with powder blush and it blends beautifully. It's so soft but like the description says, dense so you can really blend in the product.

My BDellium collection is pretty small right now, but I fully intend to keep adding to it and branch out to some eye brushes as well! I should also mention that they're super easy to clean. I leave them to dry over night (they don't really need that long) and in the morning they're ready to use and are as soft as they were brand new.

I'd recommended this fantastic brand to anyone looking for great quality brushes but not wanting to pay MAC prices! These brushes are just as good.

What are your favourite brush brands? And is it important to you that your brushes are cruelty free?


  1. Thankyou so much for introducing me to these brushes! For yonks now I have been looking for MAC alternatives! Would love it if you were to take a look at my blog -
    Lucy x

  2. They really are an excellent alternative to high end brushes, and amazing quality!

    Of course I'll look at your blog :) xx

  3. They look so pretty and soft! I brought the ecotools collection yesterday but now I want can never have to many make up brushes right? Xxx

    1. So true :) they really are lovely... Why pay a fortune when you can get such great quality for great prices x