Thursday, 22 November 2012

DIY Nail Polish Storage

Hi all! I know it's been an age since I last blogged.... I'm finding it quite difficult to have the time to write posts, which is really frustrating as I enjoy blogging so much! Having a toddler and running a home, cooking, cleaning, washing and all that fun stuff (the toddler part is definately fun, but the housework? Not so much) it all seems to be taking every bit of free time I have, but I will definately set aside some allocated time for blogging from now on.

Sorry about the dark photos, taken on a very dull day & just couldn't get the right light!

I've got quite an exciting post for you today! I've needed a storage solution for my nail polishes for quite some time now, I used to keep them in a big martini glass shaped vase, which definately looked lovely but proved to be a serious pain when I had to scramble through all of the polishes trying to find the shade I wanted. It also meant I'd completely forget about the ones at the bottom of the vase so it just wasn't practical. I saw a photo of a DIY shelving unit on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago which a girl had made for her nail polishes (she had about a million, so it was definately useful for her!) this said, I nipped down to B&Q in search of materials. Needless to say, I felt like a total bimbo with no clue where to start! Luckily I had le boyfriend with me who seemed to be right at home in there... twenty minutes later we were armed with supplies and ready to start DIY'ing! In total I spent no more than £10 on materials.

What I used

Some thin strips of wood (usually used for door frames)
Wood adhesive
White backboard
Can of white spray paint
Screw to hang it up

Sorry if that list makes me sound like even more of a bimbo, but to me wood is wood! No idea what kind of wood it is but anything that can be used as a thin shelf (deep enough to display nail polishes) will do the job. The wood actually came in metre long strips as it's usually used for doorframes, so it had to be cut down to size using a saw.

Wood cut down to make 6 shelves and the 2 side panels : )

The wood was then sprayed white to match the backboard (which also needed to be cut to size) and each shelf was glued onto the board using wood glue. The 2 side panels were also glued on.

And voila! One cute little nail polish unit to hang on the wall. It's pretty plain and simple but to be honest that's all I wanted. I needed something that could be made quickly to get my polishes displayed and this has made me feel very organised : ) It also gave me the chance to sort through all of my polishes and throw the gloopy ones away. 

I may paint the shelves a different colour at some point but for now I'm really pleased with the finished product.

Let me know if you've made any of your own beauty product storage! I'm always on the lookout for new ideas.

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