Monday, 26 November 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips

You may have seen these little beauties popping up in the blogosphere or on YouTube over the past couple of months, I first caught sight of them when LaFemme5278 mentioned them in a video and I knew I needed to try them : )

Maybelline Baby Lips. L-R Peach Kiss, Grape Vine

I am of course talking about Maybelline Baby Lips. Their new range of lip balms in an array of delicious flavours. The only problem with these? They're only available in the US. So like any true beauty blogger, it became my mission to get hold of these little American gems...I managed to find an eBay seller that met my satisfaction (always make sure they have excellent feedback and they aren't charging silly prices for international postage) so I placed my order and waited.

Well I didn't have to wait very long! Five days later my Baby Lips arrived! *excited squeal* I tore them open and proceeded to take photos.

After umming and ahhing over which ones to choose, in the end I went for Grape Vine (as recommended by LaFemme5278) and Peach Kiss simply because I love anything to do with peaches :)
I certainly wasn't disappointed, they smell just like the fruit they're named after. They're soft and buttery, just as a good lip balm should be and they have a good tint to them as you can see in the swatches. It's not too much so it looks like a lipstick but it's just enough to feel satisfied that your lips don't look bare.

L-R Grape Vine, Peach Kiss

The packaging is really cute, they all come in different gorgeous bright colours and I'd love to try more flavours. I think I'll wait until they hit British shores so I'm not stuck with paying postage for them but I'm chuffed I have two more lovely little lip balms to add to my collection.

Let me know if you've tried Baby Lips and as always what your thoughts are...

On a totally different note, my tree went up yesterday! Yes I'm one of those crazy Christmas loving freaks that gets their tree up long before its socially acceptable to do so... But hey I have a toddler who is just getting into all things Christmassy so I have the perfect excuse : )


  1. These look so nice, I didn't expect the colour pay off to be quite that good but they look really nice in the swatch.

  2. I'm really surprised how pigmented these look, they look really great :)

  3. Yeah I definately expected them to be more sheer but love that they have a bit of colour! x

  4. I love the peach kiss one - it is so beautiful :)

    LaceyLoves x

  5. I soooo badly wanna try these!!! Xx