Sunday, 18 November 2012

Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

I've mentioned my love for Philosophy a fair few times. Its a pricey brand, but I love it and whenever I've got a bit of spare cash, their website is one of the first places I turn! Definately pop over to the website and have a nose.

Today I'm reviewing my most recent Philosophy purchase, the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.

What is it?
A gentle exfoliating cleanser, suitable for all skin types that can be used daily to cleanse and replenish. It costs £22 for 240ml and can be purchased from the Philosophy website

Initial thoughts 
A bit pricey! But I'd read some really good reviews and I trust Philosophy as a skincare brand so I didn't mind too much about parting with the cash.
It's packaged in their signature black and white bottle which I love. It's simple but it looks great in the bathroom (something a packaging snob like myself can appreciate!) it has a gel consistency, with lots of tiny exfoliating beads. I say beads but they're more like tiny grains.

My overall thoughts
I've been using it every morning for 3 weeks and I'm really pleased with it. My skin's brighter, softer and just generally feels cleaner! I like to really feel an exfoliating scrub working, if it's slightly uncomfortable then as far as I'm concerned it's doing it's job. This scrub is great to use in the morning, getting rid of the previous night's moisturiser and any dirt or sweat (sorry!) that's accumulated. As soon as I wash it off and pat my face dry, my skin looks and feels fresh and it's a great first step before applying my day moisturiser and then my make up. I have combination skin, some days it's more oily than others and I get dry patches on my cheeks (talk about complicated! So hard to find the perfect products for my skin), so I really work it into those dry areas to help create a smooth surface for my makeup.

Overall I'd give this product 9/10. It gives my skin a good, thorough clean, softening the dry areas and getting rid of sebum in the oily areas, so I definately agree that it'd be suitable for all skin types. It's perfect for use as a daily exfoliator but it loses a mark for the price. You only need a small amount for each use, so it definately lasts quite a long time but £22 is still quite a lot to pay for a face scrub in one hit. I'll definately be repurchasing this at some point, but I want to try a couple of other cheaper products to see if they match up to this one.
Have you tried any Philosophy products? And what face scrubs would you recommend?

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  1. their purity cleanser is in my top all time favourites! i'd love to try the oil version of it too :) great review!

    from helen at / @thelovecatsinc

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