Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Benefit's Rockateur Blush

Can we just take a minute to admire this downright beautiful blush.


Ok minute over, let's discuss. This is Benefit's latest blush offering and for me, it's perfection. I love deep rosy pink blushes as they suit my skin tone but this is a pretty universal shade. It'd look gorgeous on darker skin tones too so it's one of those shades that anyone can work with. It looks rather shimmery in the box, but when it's applied it creates more of a sheen (depending on how heavily you apply it), it's pretty well pigmented so you don't need a lot if you're on the paler side but it's certainly buildable.
This is the first Benefit blush I've owned, yep not lying! I was always tempted by the various shades but for some reason I never ended up purchasing any. However, as soon as I saw this on one of FleurDeForce's YouTube videos and then noticed it popping up on lots of my favourite blogs, I knew I had to see what the fuss was about and I wasn't disappointed! Like I said, it's slightly shimmery but for Autumn/Fall I love a bit of shimmer. I tend to move away (albeit only slightly) from bronzer during the colder months, preferring a rosy glow on the cheeks, so this fits the bill.
There are two things I don't like about this product. The first is the packaging. I believe Fleur said the same thing, but it's quite cheap and tacky looking with the gold snake print and lace. I get what they were trying to do with the whole 'rock chick' vibe but maybe just black lace and a few studs would've been better? I also don't like the box it's housed in. I've always disliked that when looking at other Benefit blushes and maybe that's why I held off on buying any. The blush is quite low down in the packaging, making it a bit more difficult to get your brush in there, it's nothing major but I just think a standard blush compact would be more user friendly. Who knows, but to be honest I'm not entirely fussed about that as the actual blush speaks for itself and it's fabulous.
Rockateur blush £23.50 - Link
Are you tempted to try this one? 


  1. I am tempted! I swatched it and it looks beautiful, but there are so many gorgeous shades from e.g. Sleek but also Max Factor, MUA and Bourjois so for that price and with that packaging I'm not convinced about it... Xx


    1. Yes it's definitely pricey! And I also love Sleek blushes :) I do love this and it's perfect if you fancy treating yourself but if you can pick up a similar shade for less than half the price then that's a better idea! X