Saturday, 5 October 2013

My First 'Empties' Post!

I love reading empties posts, which is slightly weird, but I'm just nosy and like to know what products fellow bloggers have used up :) I actually really like the feeling of finishing a product, mainly because it means I can purchase something else! This is my first empties post and I could've done one sooner but I tend to throw (or recycle) the empty bottles and tubs without thinking. Finally I've saved up a few goodies to tell you about.

The Body Shop - Mango Body Butter £13
This actually went quite quickly because there isn't a huge amount in the tub. That's a bit annoying considering the price, but it smells delicious so it's forgiven :) This will probably shock a few people as I know how well loved these body butters are but I actually find it a bit too thick in consistency. I'm much more of a 'body lotion' kind of girl as I like to use something that's moisturising but quite light, this is down to the fact that I hate my skin to feel wet or greasy after applying body products. Don't get me wrong, it's lovely for those evenings when my skin feels particularly dry and I need something like this to really sort it out, but in all honesty I'm not in love with it.
Repurchase? Probably not as there's so many cheaper alternatives that I prefer
Frizz-Ease Intensive Masque £5.89
This was a great masque discovery for me, it feels as though it really nourishes my hair, giving it a full on injection of moisture and leaves it feeling soft which is the most important thing for me when using hair treatments. I used this a couple of times a week, leaving it on my hair for about five minutes and it ticked all the boxes for me.
Repurchase? Yes definitely.
Ted Baker Body Spray £2.50
Bit of a random product that caught my eye in Boots a couple of months ago. I wanted a handbag sized spray I could take with me on the go and I was drawn to the pretty packaging with this one. It smelt so good! Like strawberries and vanilla, so definitely more suited to those with a liking for super sweet scents :) It's pretty cheap and fits perfectly in a makeup bag.
Repurchase? Yep!
Batiste Dry Shampoo £2.25
Not going to say much about this because I think pretty much everyone has used Batiste in their lifetime. It's a decent dry shampoo that sorts out any greasiness in between washes and I've pretty much tried every version of this. The one thing I don't like is the white powder that's left in your hair once sprayed on but once I've massaged it in, it's not a problem. I would like to try another dry shampoo so any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Repurchase? Hmm, yes if I can't find another brand to try.
Avene Cleanance Lotion £10.50
This is a moisturiser predominantly for oily skin and I'll be honest here, I love it! It's quite a light gel formula with no scent and feels really fresh and gentle on my face. It doesn't dry out my skin but certainly doesn't feel greasy either. I really like Avene as their products are so natural and their Cleanance range is a great option for those of us with excess oil! The only downside is how small the tube is for the price.
Repurchase? At some point in the future, but at the moment I'm using something different.
Schwarzkopf Gliss - Liquid Silk Conditioning Spray £1.78
I bought this a few months ago after seeing Kayleigh talk about it in a blog post and I love it. I spray it liberally over damp hair and brush through. Once dried, my hair feels super soft and lovely :) It's really affordable too and you get a lot of product. It took me ages to use up as I alternate between some other conditioning sprays but this one is a firm favourite.
Repurchase? Yes, once I've used up my many other alternatives!